The Global Life Campaign is an approved project of the New Horizons Foundation, Inc., and its 12-member Board of Directors has ultimate oversight of the GLC.  

The GLC also has a Board of Governors to serve as a unified leadership team of the ministry, and provide wise counsel and accountability; it currently has three members.  


Thomas W. Jacobson is the founder and executive director of the Global Life Campaign (2011-present), and President of GLC Publications LLC (2018-present).  He is the project director and co-author of the Abortion Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies. The History, Policies and Sacred Accounting, and the Means to Restore Protection of Human Life (GLC Publications, 2018).  Prior to forming the GLC, Jacobson served as representative to the United Nations for Focus on the Family USA (2001 to 2010), and as senior policy analyst monitoring the United Nations for Freedom Alliance (1999 to 2001).  Prior work included public policy, teaching, and U.S. Congressional staff.  He earned a master's in Public Policy from Regent University, a bachelor’s in Psychology from George Fox College, and a diploma in Biblical Studies from Lutheran Bible Institute.  Thomas is the father of two sons, Gabriel, who is married to Tess, and Seth.  He enjoys Bible study, family and good friends, historical and policy research and analysis, the beauty in nature, and changing the world for the better.   

Stanley R. John is the CEO & Founder of the J1721 Movement, LLC (2013-present), delivering collaboration support and consulting services that provide Mission Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Self-Sustainability to faith based missions seeking a genuine Global impact for the Gospel.  Stan was formerly a founding member and teaching elder for HOPE Church; Senior Vice President for Global Ministry Development (2009-2013), Senior Vice President for Innovation and Strategy Development (2006-2008), and Group Vice President for Operations (2003-2005) at Focus on the Family (USA).  He is the Board Chairman of Life Equip Global (Colorado Springs, CO), and was formerly the Board Chairman of Life Network (Colorado Springs), on the Board of Directors of Voice of the Martyrs (Bartlesville, OK), and provided strategy consulting and planning for the U.S. Homeschool National Alliance.  Stan is a mentor and great friend to Thomas.   

Michael D. Jacobson, DO MPH is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University (B.A.  Chemistry), Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), and Wright State University (Master of Public Health).  Before retiring in 2019, Colonel Jacobson served in the U.S. Military as a flight surgeon, Chief of Medical Staff and as the inaugural Director for the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine’s Operational Graduate Medical Education (OGME) program.  Dr. Jacobson currently serves as Medical Director to New Destiny Treatment Center and to Christian Healthcare Ministries, the nation’s largest private cost-sharing network, and is on faculty with Wright State University.  He has authored two books and is board certified in family, addiction, aerospace, and occupational medicine.  A resident of West Chester, Ohio, Dr. Jacobson has been married for 35 years to his wife Susie. They have three children and seven grandchildren

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Thomas Jacobson spoke at Regent University (letter; A4; PowerPoint slides).