Cumulative Reported Abortions Worldwide, 1921-2018, & Top 20 Abortion Nations [graph & table]:  (letter; A4

See AWR page:  Part V in the Abortion Worldwide Report contents list has the year-by-year tables of abortions for up to 100 nations and territories from 1921 through 2015.  

The Abortion Worldwide Report, documenting over 1 Billion Babies Aborted, year-by-year, in 100 nations and territories from 1921 through 2015, was published in April 2018.  The AWR is available through GLC Publications at:   


We have invested many years compiling reliable data and information on nations.  


The AWR is the first comprehensive global report with trustworthy data (not inflated estimates) and analysis. It is also a Sacred Accounting of the lives lost through abortion - the Greatest Genocide ever.  


Further, it is a powerful tool in the hands of clergy and churches, prolife/family advocates, government leaders, 

legislators, judges, and diplomats, as well as citizens to convince their governments and people not to authorize abortion (in 59 nations where it is illegal); or in other nations, to restore full legal protection to preborn children, their pregnant mothers, and their fathers.    

Authors:  Thomas W. Jacobson and Dr. Wm. Robert Johnston

Cosponsors:  Regent University, National Right to Life Committee, Human Life International, and Alliance for Life Ontario.  


Some preliminary parts were translated in Spanish, and are on the "Abortion Worldwide Report" page.

Working papers related to abortion data are posted on the same web page.   

To view reliable abortion statistics on 100 nations and territories, see the Sacred Accounting Tables in Part V of the Report posted on the Abortion Worldwide Report page of this website.  In addition, for data on over 120 nations and territories, compiled since 1983 by Dr. Johnston, an author of the Report ... 

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