The MISSION of the Global Life Campaignis to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, especially on behalf of unborn and preborn children, and be international experts in abortion history, policy and data, in order to: 


  1. Awaken all of humanity to God’s great love for them but deep concern about abortion, innocent bloodshed, and the Greatest Genocide in history that is occurring in our time, about which He wants His people especially to be deeply concerned, for “My people are destroyed [silent, quiet, cut off, perish] for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).   

  2. Remember the LORD and lift up the standard of truth and grace in Jesus Christ by imparting a Biblical understanding of human life, marriage and family, government, and spheres of authority, and help restore the church as “the pillar and support of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15).  

  3. Lift up the standard of the sanctity of human life, and be an advocate for the preborn.  

  4. Remember the unborn and document abortion as the Greatest Genocide.  

  5. Compile the most reliable data, policies, and analysis on abortion worldwide.  

  6. Call people to repentance, restoration, re-commissioning, and to ending abortion.  This includes compassion toward and a call to repentance and reconciliation for anyone involved in abortion, with the promise of God’s forgiveness for those who confess their sins; compassion for children after birth, as well as for fathers and mothers; supporting adoption; and encouraging the restored post-abortive to become advocates for life.  

  7. Stop the global spread of “legal” abortion by helping the 59 pro-life nations, and the 50 restrictive nations, to thwart pressures to authorize or increase access to abortion.   

The VISION of the Global Life Campaign is to see God glorified among the nations by: 


  1. People, especially God’s people, awakened to, embracing, and responding to God’s deep concern about abortion and innocent bloodshed, comprehending the accountability (including for silence) of individuals and nations for this Greatest Genocide in history, and responding with humility and repentance, and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to restore righteousness in our relationships and justice in our governments;   

  2. True love for Almighty God being restored among God’s people, evidenced by the fear of the LORD, obedience to His Commandments, revering the entire Bible as the Word of God, upholding the sacredness of every human life as created “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27), speaking the truth about abortion and ministering with compassion to those involved in abortion, and ending abortion among God’s people in many nations;  

  3. Christians becoming students of the Bible, cooperating with the Holy Spirit in transforming their minds as they honor the Word of God as the foundation of every area of life, authority, public policy and government;  

  4. The church restored as “the pillar and support of the Truth” (1 Timothy 3:15) in areas where it has been weak, and being a strong advocate for children in the womb; 

  5. Christians in government and diplomatic service standing strong for righteousness and the sanctity of human life; 

  6. The church leading their members, communities, states and nations in repentance for abortion, and impartation of the hope and means of restoration through Jesus Christ; 

  7. God using the Greatest Genocide to bring about the greatest revival and reformation in history, and prepare God’s people for the return of Jesus Christ; 

  8. Nations where abortion is prohibited standing strong and preserving their good laws; 

  9. Nations where abortion is authorized re-evaluating their policies, and changing their laws to restore full legal protection to preborn children and their mothers and fathers; 

  10.  A woman’s womb once again being the safest place for a preborn child, and the sanctity of life of children in the womb once again being highly valued, restored, and protected in law, with abortion banned in every nation; and 

  11. Millions of babies will live and not die, and the Greatest Genocide will end.   

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” 

- Edmund Burke