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The GLC and Dr. Johnston's website ( have: 


  • The best and most reliable compilation of abortion data available in the world;

  • The best research and analysis of abortion policies and data worldwide;

  • The most comprehensive report, with accurate abortion data and analysis, ever

  • compiled:  the Abortion Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies (2018). 

 With your prayers and financial support in 2019, the GLC was able to:


1.  Publish GLC Series email broadcast/website posting with the following themes: 

  • True Stories: redemptive about abort survivors, abandoned, post-abortive. 

  • Sanctity of Human Life:  restoring Biblical and Judeo-Christian foundations;   

  • Country Reports: focusing on a particular country or region;  

  • The Truth about Abortion: content from AWR, working papers, policy briefs.  

2.  Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR):  

  • Translate the AWR into Spanish and produce an eBook edition; 

  • Update the AWR and produce an English 2019 eBook edition. 

3.  The AWR Seminar and presentations in Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, and USA.   

  • Awakening with the truth about the history, policies, numbers, and analysis of abortions in 100 nations and territories, and the Greatest Genocide in history; 

  • God’s view of abortion, accountability to Him, and redemption and restoration possible through Jesus Christ; and 

  • Restoring Biblical foundations for sanctity of human life, human rights, and original purpose of civil government and law in protecting life.  

4.  International conferences:  spoke before the Ecuador National Assembly, and gave presentations or seminars in Ecuador, Colombia (Transatlantic Summit III), Canada (Alliance for Life Ontario), Regent Univeristy (USA), and National Right to Life Convention (USA). 

5.  Supported pro-life ministries in Uganda.  

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WCF12-Isabel Salazar-Marian Olavarria-Th

World Congress of Families XIII (Moldova):  Isabel Maria Salazar, Marian Olavarria, Thomas Jacobson, and Christine de Vollmer. 


National Right to Life Convention (USA):  Dr. Wm. Robert Johnston & Thomas Jacobson. 

Thomas Jacobson-speaking Ecuador Natl As

Thomas Jacobson speaking before Ecuador National Assembly in Quito, 23 July 2019.    

Alliance for Life Ontario (Canada):  Thomas Jacobson, Jakki Jeffs, Dr. Matthew Harrison.  

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven. ... So it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish."  

Jesus Christ, Creator of every person and all things 

(Matthew 18:10, 14; see John 1:1-4, 14, 29-34)  

Isabel Maria-Thomas Jacobson-working at
TS3-Thomas Jacobson speaking-20190405-1.

Isabel Maria Salazar and Thomas Jacobson working on Ecuador presentations for the National Assembly, Pro-Life Congress, University de los Hemispherios, Manta, etc. (April, and July-August 2019).  

Transatlantic Summit III, Bogota, Colombia:  Thomas Jacobson speaking with Power Point presentation.  The GLC also gave English print and Spanish eBook editions of the Abortion Worldwide Report to the 92 participating legislators from 30 nations (April 2019).    


Uganda:  Thomas Jacobson and Richard Sempala teaching pastors, wives, and church leadership in a village church north of Kampala. 

Uganda:  Fr. Jonathan Opio, Archbishop John Baptist Odama, and Thomas Jacobson. 

Uganda:  Joseline, Fr. Jonathan Opio, Brian Tandeka, and Thomas Jacobson.