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  • Remembering the First Thanksgiving [USA, 1621 A.D.] (letter; A4).  


  • State Abortion Prohibitions and Authorizations, 1821 - 1973 (letter; A4).

  • United States reported abortions, 1926 - 2019 [graph] (letter; A4). 

  • U.S. Abortions Compared to War Deaths (letter; A4). 

  • U.S. abortion percentages by county of residence [map] (pdf).

  • New abortion research:  updates, mother's age, ethnicity, late-term - 2019 NRL Convention workshop #2 (PowerPoint)   

  • WP13:  United States: Estimated Abortions, 2012-2015 [letter; A4

  • WP17:  Notes on State Trends in Abortion in the United States [letter; A4

  • WP24:  Preliminary Analysis of Grouped Trends in State Abortion Rates [letter; A4] ​

  • Cumulative Known Abortions: 100 Nations & Territories; and Top 20 Cumulative Abortion Nations (USA #3) (letter; A4).


  • United States Consideration of a Treaty [2009] (letter; A4).


  • 10 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Ratify CEDAW [2007] (letter; A4).  

  • Intrusive CEDAW Would Take Away Power To Determine Domestic Policy [2012] (letter; A4).  

  • CEDAW:  USA Consideration, Exposure of Arbitrary UN Committee [2012] (letter; A4).

  • Convention on the Rights of the Child:  Concerns & Why Not to Ratify [2009] (letter; A4).

  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:  Unconstitutional, Unwise, Undermines Parents [2012] (letter; A4).

  • 8 Reasons the USA Should Not Participate in the International Criminal Court [2003] (letter; A4).  

  • United Nations' Dues:  #1 USA Contributes Record $8.3 Billion [2011] (pdf).  

  • USA Funding of UN Rises Sharply [2011] (pdf).  

  • USA Funding of 31 UN Entities [2011] (pdf). 

  • United States Submits First Report for Global Review of Human Rights Record (pdf).  

  • Foreigners Judge USA in First Global Review of Human Rights Record: 54 Nations issue 228 Recommendations [2011] (letter; A4). 

  • UN Report on USA:  Intrusive Monitoring & Investigations, & Pressure to Ratify Treaties, Fulfill Non-Treaty Obligations [2011] (pdf).

  • UN Renovation in Midst of Global Financial Crisis - 10 Struggling Nations Cover 76% of Cost [2011] (pdf).