“Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things.”  King Solomon  (Ecclesiastes 11:5)


  • Comparative Views:  Humanism vs. Judeo-Christian (letter; A4). 

  • 7 Truths about the Sanctity of Human Life (letter; A4).

  • The Sanctity of Human Life, Conception and the Womb, versus Infanticide and Abortion [many Bible references] (letter; A4).

  • Man Created in the Image of God, Male and Female (letter; A4).

  • Bible References on image of God, sanctity of life, innocent bloodshed, child sacrifice, repentance & forgiveness (letter; A4).

  • God Opens or Closes the Womb (letter; A4).

  • God Forms Each Child in the Womb (letter; A4).

  • The Sanctity of the Womb and Birth of Jesus (letter; A4). 

  • Children are a Gift and Blessing from The LORD (letter; A4).  

  • God Knows Each Child and His Destiny for Them (letter; A4).

  • The Birth of Jesus Foretold and Confirmed (letter; A4). 

  • Does Human Life Have Intrinsic Value?  (letter; A4).  

  • What is the Only Basis for the Universal Standard of the Sanctity of Human Life?  (letter; A4).  

  • One Unchanging Basis for the Sanctity of Human Life: Your True Identity and Destiny, and Why Protect Human Life (letter; A4).

  • Is God Deeply Concerned About Abortion?  21 Reasons to Prohibit Abortion (letter; A4).

  • Church Doctrines Affirming the Sanctity of Human Life and Evil of Abortion (letter; A4).    


  • Transatlantic Summit III, in Bogota, Colombia:  "Right to Life" presentation (English letter or A4).

  • Duty to Protect Human Life, Prohibit Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • Protecting Human Life Begins with Family and Ends with Civil Government on Human Level (letter; A4). 

  • Human Rights:  Rightly Built upon Biblical Truth (letter; A4).

  • 7 Universal Principles for Discerning and Protecting Inherent Human Rights (letter; A4).  

  • Inalienable Human Rights in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (letter; A4).

  • Biblical Standards for Choosing Officials (letter; A4).

[including Pro-Life based on original purpose for civil government to protect human life] 

  • First Purpose of Civil Government (letter; A4).

  • Legitimacy of Civil Government and Protecting Human Life Inseparable (letter; A4).

  • 7 Universal Principles of Civil Government (letter; A4).  

[principles 3 and 7 pertain to protecting human life, including by prohibiting abortion]

  • 5 Universal Principles of Law and Rule of Law (letter; A4). 

[principle 5:  "A foremost purpose of law is to protect human life."] 


  • 70 Nations Prohibited Abortion, 1803 - 1918  (letter; A4).

  • First Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • 1919 A.D. World Map of the 70 Nations and Their Territories Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • 86 Nations Prohibited Abortion, 1920 - 2015  (letter; A4).  

  • Evidence of Religious Leaders, Government, and Citizens Upholding the Sanctity of Human Life (letter; A4). 


  • 24 Reasons the Dominican Republic Should Preserve Good Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • 24 Razones por las que la República Dominicana debe preservar buenas leyes que prohíben el aborto (letter; A4).  

  • 24 Reasons the Republic of Uganda Should Preserve Good Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4). 

Speeches and Presentations: 

  • Abortion Worldwide Report Power Point Slide Presentation (National Right to Life Convention, Kansas City, Kansas, 30 June 2018).

  • "Duty to Protect the Inalienable Right to Life," U.S. Representative Chrisopher C. Smith [2010, United Nations] (pdf).  

  • "The Inherent Right to Life:  The First and Most Fundamental Human Right," Ambassador Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Philippines [2010] (pdf).


STUDY GUIDES:  Image of God, Image of God in Man, and companions to Abortion Worldwide Report

#1:  The Image and Nature of GOD (Bible study of 60 aspects in 4 parts) [to understand mankind's identity and value]

#2:  The Image of GOD in Man (Bible study of 54 aspects in 4 parts) 

#3:  What is the Basis for the Sanctity of Human Life? (based on the 1st brief in the Abortion Worldwide Report

#5:  What is the Basis for Human Rights and the Right to Life? (based on 3rd brief in AWR

#6:  Legitimacy of Civil Government is Inseparable from Duty to Protect Human Life (based on 4th brief in AWR

#7:  The Nature of Law and Its Purpose in Protecting Human Life (based on 5th brief in AWR)

Study Guides are available through GLC Publications; click store button.


  • The Greatest Victory for Unborn Children in Our Generation - Child Summit 2002 (letter; A4).  

  • Victory for Sanctity of Marriage and Life at 2004 UN Commission on Human Rights (letter; A4).  

  • UN General Assembly Concludes 2004 International Year of the Family with Renewed Support for Traditional Family (letter; A4).

  • Historic Pro-Family Resolution Passed by UN General Assembly - 2004 (letter; A4).  

  • United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning - 2002 - 2005 Chronology (letter; A4).   

  • Pro-Life Declaration on Human Cloning Adopted by United Nations (2005) (letter; A4).