• 7 Truths about the Sanctity of Human Life (letter; A4).

  • 7 Universal Principles of Civil Government (letter; A4). 

  • 5 Universal Principles of Law and Rule of Law (letter; A4).


  • 7 Universal Principles for Discerning and Protecting Inherent Human Rights (letter; A4).  

  • Human Rights:  Rightly Built upon Biblical Truth (letter; A4).

  • Inalienable Human Rights in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (letter; A4).  

  • Transatlantic Summit III, in Bogota, Colombia:  "Right to Life" presentation (English letter or A4).

  • Child Summit:  The Greatest Victory for Unborn Children in Our Generation [2002] (letter; A4)  

  • "Duty to Protect the Inalienable Right to Life," U.S. Representative Chrisopher C. Smith [2010, United Nations] (pdf).  

  • "The Inherent Right to Life: The First & Most Fundamental Human Right," Ambassador Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Philippines [2010] (pdf).  

  • Commemoration of 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amb. Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Philippines [2008] (pdf).  

  • "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Sixty," Habib Charles Malik, Ph.D., Lebanon [2008] (letter; A4).  


  • See Bible page (on male and female, the womb, birth, children, marriage, etc., and Study Guide on "Image of GOD in Man").

  • Comparative Views: Humanism vs. Judeo-Christian (letter; A4).  

  • Classifying "Sexual Orientation" as a Human Right May Lead to Authorization of 21 Deviant Behaviors & Destroy Family (letter; A4).

  • Inherent Freedoms at Risk if "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Identity" are added to Human Rights and Non-Discrimination Policies  (letter; A4). 

  • See UN page:  Abortion; CEDAW Committee; Human Rights: Commission on Human Rights; Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity; and UN Treaty Bodies.  


  • On Children and Family: Quotes from UN Treaties and Conference Documents, 1948-2002  [2007] (letter; A4

  • Historic Pro-Family Resolution Passed by UN General Assembly [2004] (letter; A4

  • UN General Assembly Concludes International Year of the Family with Renewed Support for Traditional Family [2004] (letter; A4

  • European Union Uses International Year of the Family Celebration to Attempt to Change Concept of "Family" [2004] (letter; A4

  • Mexico City Declaration and Doha Declaration on the Family [2004] (letter; A4).  

  • "Importance of Marriage, Family, & Human Rights as Essential Foundations of Nations," Amb. Hilario Davide, Philippines [2009] (pdf). 

  • "Importance of Preserving Marriage & Family as Essential Foundations of Nations," Lee Wee Min, Malaysia [2009] (pdf).  

  • Victory for Sanctity of Marriage and Life at UN Commission on Human Rights [2004] (letter; A4

  • see UN page:  Convention on the Rights of the Child; and Family, Marriage and Children.    


  • First Purpose of Civil Government (letter; A4).

  • Legitimacy of Civil Government and Protecting Human Life Inseparable (letter; A4).

  • Duty to Protect Human Life, Prohibit Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • Shedding Innocent Blood Brings Irrevocable Judgment of God (letter; A4).

  • Protecting Human Life Begins with Family and Ends with Civil Government on Human Level (letter; A4). 

  • 70 Nations Prohibited Abortion, 1803 - 1918  (letter; A4).

  • First Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • 1919 A.D. World Map of the 70 Nations and Their Territories Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • 86 Nations Prohibited Abortion, 1920 - 2015  (letter; A4).  

  • Evidence of Religious Leaders, Government, and Citizens Upholding the Sanctity of Human Life (letter; A4).  

  • 24 Reasons the Dominican Republic Should Preserve Good Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • 24 Razones por las que la República Dominicana debe preservar buenas leyes que prohíben el aborto (letter; A4).  

  • 24 Reasons the Republic of Uganda Should Preserve Good Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4). 


  • Government to Encourage Good, Punish Evil (letter; A4).  

  • Righteousness & Justice: Dual Inseparable Principles in the Character of God and Scripture (letter; A4).  

  • When Civil Authorities are Ministers of God and When Laws are Lawful (letter; A4).

  • Restraining Evil Begins with You and Ends with Civil Government on Human Level (letter; A4).  

  • Biblical Standards for Choosing Officials (letter; A4).