I Have A Dream


I’ve never had a dream for my own life, but this is the dream in my heart.


I have a dream that the womb of every woman will be the safest place for a baby anywhere in the world, instead of the most dangerous place.  I have a dream that the sanctity of human life, as created in the image of God, will be upheld everywhere by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all peoples.  I have a dream that abortion will end in every nation, and legal protection be restored for preborn children by every government.  I have a dream that we will no longer engage in evasive debates and discussions to justify abortion and decide under what circumstances a baby may be ripped apart in the womb.   I have a dream that we will cherish every life as a gift, whether perfect or imperfect, defective or deformed.  I have a dream that girls and boys will be equally cherished, and that sex-select abortion will end.  I have a dream that African American babies, and babies in Africa and developing nations, would no longer be the primary target of abortion efforts. 


I have a dream that pastors and priests in every church, synagogue, and temple across our land will rise up with courage and meekness; and will, every year, faithfully teach their congregations the Biblical basis for the sanctity of human life, purity in relationships, and the sacredness of marriage.  Further, my hope is that they will inspire their members to reach out with truth and compassion to every person who has been involved in an abortion – the men too – and with strong love to convince those who are considering abortion that God has a better way.  


I have a dream that every girl and woman who has aborted one or more of her children will not live one more day denying what she did, filled with remorse, guilt, and self-hatred; but instead will run to the loving, waiting arms of our Savior Jesus Christ, confess her sins, be set free, and live the rest of her life forgiven and free of shame.  And further that she, as a humble, honorable vessel of God, will allow Him to take the most tragic event in her life, and through His wondrous grace, use it for good in her life and through her to bring a healing touch to many others.  


William Wilberforce had a dream that the slave trade would be no more, and eventually it was so.  Horatio R. Storer, M.D., LL.B., had a dream in the 1800s to protect mothers and save babies by convincing governors and legislators to criminalize abortion, and it was so.  Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream of respect and equality for African Americans that transformed a nation.  I have a dream that abortion will be no more.   


Thomas W. Jacobson, Executive Director, Global Life Campaign

3 February 2012