A.  True Stories are life giving and inspiring stories about people involved with or affected by abortion, abandoned, almost aborted or were advised to abort, survived an abortion, or were conceived in rape, and who have a story of redemption to tell. 

B. Sanctity of Human Life lifts up the standards necessary to preserve or restore respect and protection for the sanctity of human life.   

C. Country Reports focus on one or more countries.  

D.  Truth About Abortion awakens people to God’s deep concern about abortion, and its evil nature, magnitude, and impact on nations worldwide.  








True Story #11

Maria De La Paz Rodríguez

     Coronel Dudignac


I'm an Adopted Daughter Born of Rape and I Celebrate My Life!  Let’s go back to the 1970’s.  A young, newly married couple from Buenos Aires dreamed of starting a family.  But instead, they suffered several failed attempts to get pregnant.  Their desire increased as the months and years passed. Treatments, prayers, . . . nothing seemed to work, until they decided to start the adoption process.  

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(Spanish: letter; A4).  


B.  Sanctity of Human Life

2019-10-08.  The Sexual Mess We Are In and How We Got There.  Dr. Janet E. Smith, PhD, spoke on this topic at the Alliance for Life Ontario annual conference in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, on 4 October 2019.  Dr. Smith said, “Contraception changes our understanding of sex.”  Today, “having sex and having babies are viewed as entirely different activities.  People don’t realize that when you have sex and get pregnant, something has actually gone right.  Having sex and having babies go together, and do in marriage.  But contraceptives separated sex from having babies. . . . And contraception points to the present only.”   Dr. Smith has tracked the “bad consequences of contraception:  Bad for health of women; increases incidence of sexually transmitted diseases; bad for male/female relationships; facilitates sex outside of marriage . . . ."  READ (letter; A4).  

C.  Country Reports

2019-11-19.  Jacobson spoke at Regent University.  The Country Report(GLC Series) focus this month is on a presentation, with partial focus on the United States, which Thomas Jacobson gave on 29 October 2019 at the Regent University School of Law – a cosponsor of the Abortion Worldwide Report.  It was a joy to be back at Regent, and to see friends including those who co-labored with us on chapters of the AWR.  Jacobson was a 1985 graduate of the School of Public Policy (now Robertson School of Government), earning a Masters in Public Policy, with focus on law, government, history, etc.  

     The vision of Regent University “is to be the most influential, Christian, transformational university in the world.” . . . 

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D.  Truth About Abortion

2019-10-22.  Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer.  All breast cancer is not linked to abortion, but there is a scientific-medical link between abortion and breast cancer.  I know that there is disagreement among pro-life/family organizations on this issue because of some contradictory research results.  Dr. Joel Brind, Ph.D., has been investigating and researching this link, and reviewing research in this area, for 27 years.  He said . . . "Who is the single most important person protecting a woman from breast cancer?  Her baby." 

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Prior issues of each of the GLC Series: 

A.  True Stories 







True Story #1:  READ 

Rebecca Kiessling (USA):  

True Story #2:  READ.

Richard Sempala (Uganda)




True Story #3:  READ

Georgette Forney (USA)






True Story #4:  READ

Denise Mountenay (Canada)







True Story #5:  

Isabel María Salazar (Ecuador)

Read in English (letter; A4). 

Read in Spanish (letter; A4). 





True Story #6:  

Claudia Marcela (Colombia)

READ in English:  letter or A4 format.  

READ in Spanish:  letter or A4 format.

True Story #7:   

Melissa Ohden (USA)

READ in English:  letter or A4.  

True Story #8

Ashley Bratcher

"Unplanned" (USA)

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True Story #9:  

Amparo Espinoza (Ecuador)

Read in English (letter; A4). 

Read in Spanish (letter; A4). 

True Story #10:  

Karina Estrella Etchepare 


Read in English (letter; A4). 

Read in Spanish (letter; A4).

B.  Sanctity of Human Life

2019-09-10.  Church Doctrines Affirming Sanctity of Human Life.

READ:  letter ; A4.


2019-08-14.  Connecting Biblical, Doctrinal & Legal Foundations of Sanctity of Human Life.  Manta, Ecuador, presentation (Power Point slides: EnglishSpanish)

READ text:  letter ; A4.

2019-07-09.  Profound Impact of Christian Faith Worldwide.  

Workshop on "Restoring Biblical Foundations": correlation between these foundations and good laws, and what happened when nations rejected the same.  

Click here for the PowerPoint slides.  

2019-06-11.  Truth #1 about the Sanctity of Human Life.  Truth #1 about the sanctity of human life is:  God created man in His image

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2019-05-14.  Thomas Jacobson spoke at the Transatlantic Summit III (Bogota, Colombia) on "The Right to Life: First Human Right and Foundation of Civilization": 

READ in English:  letter or A4.  

Thomas Jacobson also spoke at a Pastors Meeting in Quito, Ecuador, covering the same material in a way appropriate for clergy, churches, and meetings.  

READ in English:  letter or A4

READ in Spanish: letter or A4.

2019-03-13.  Ecuador and the Sanctity of Human Life.  Isabel María Salazar, VP of the Ecuadorian Commission on Justice and Peace. READ in English:  letter or A4

READ in Spanish:  letter or A4.

2019-02-12:  President Trump and a Doctor Defend the Sanctity of Human Life.   (READ MORE: click for letter or A4 format)    


2019-01-14.  United States, Sanctity of Life Sunday, the March for Life, and Top 10 Things We Know About Abortion On Sanctity of Life Sunday.

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2018-12-11.  Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and 70th anniversary of the UDHR.  

READ MORE . . . 


3-page “Chronology of creation of the UDHR."  

2018-11-20.  George Barna directed a research study on “What God’s People Want to Know.” The most important topic (91%) that congregants wanted their pastors and priests to teach them about was what the Bible says was abortion.  READ MORE . . . 

C.  Country Reports


2019-10-15.  Alliance for Life Ontario: Inspiring Conference.

READ:  letter or A4 format.


2019-09-18. Ecuador National Assembly Rejected Abortion. 

READ the story:  letter or A4.  

Ecuador legislators to vote on abortion law change 

2019-09-16.  On 17 or 18 September 2019, the National Assembly of Ecuador is scheduled to vote on changes to the Organic Integral Penal Code.  

Country Report #7:

2019-08-21.  Rape Becoming a Primary Means to Pressure Some Nations on Abortion

READ:  letter or A4 format.  

Country Report #6:  USA.

2019-07-16.  Late Term Abortions in the United States. 

READ:  letter; A4.  

Country Report #5:  Ecuador. 2019-06-18.  Will Ecuador Restore Its Good Foundations and Protect Human Life, or Choose a Path of Self-Destruction by Authorizing Abortion?

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Country Report #4:  USA.  

2019-05-21.  States Courageously Enact Heartbeat Laws Protecting Preborn Children

A dramatic change is taking place in the United States with some states restoring legal protection of children in the womb . . . Thus far in 2019, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio enacted “heartbeat” bills . . . . 

READ in English:  letter or A4

Country Report #3:  Ecuador.  2019-03-19.  Threatening Developments, but Citizens March for Life

Isabel María Salazar, VP of the Ecuadorian Commission on Justice and Peace.   

READ in English:  letter or A4

READ in Spanish:  letter or A4.  

Country Report #2:  USA.  

2019-02-19.  The former good laws that were part of the good foundations in Virginia, New York, and the USA, that highly valued and protected children in the womb; and then comparing those with the current policies of these states authorizing abortion and infanticide up to and through the time of birth.  

READ MORE (letter; A4).  

Country Report #1:  USA.  

2019-01-22.  After the arbitrary Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, every state government capitulated and authorized abortion on demand. READ MORE . . . [for 6 tragic consequences] 

D.  Truth About Abortion

2019-09-23.  Many Contraceptives May Cause Early Unknown Abortions.  

READ:  letter or A4 format.  

2019-08-27.  Evil of Rape and Abortion as Solution.  

  • 10 Biblical Truths about Rape, Children Conceived, Forgiveness and Restoration. 

  • 10 Truths: Rape and Abortion. 

  • Should Rebecca Live or Die? 

  • Additional Resources

READ (letter; A4).

  • Rebecca Kiessling open letter:  "What Advice Should Clergy Give to Woman Pregnant by Rape?  (letter; A4).  


2019-07-24.  New Research on Abortion Presented at NRL Convention: worldwide updates to policy and abortion data, new research on abortion by mother’s age and ethnicity in the USA, and late-term abortions in the USA and other nations.   

READ (report & photos) (letter; A4)

Presentation:  PowerPoint slides. 


2019-06-25.  Race, Ethnicity, and Abortions in the U.S. 

The common understanding of the term “race” is that it means a particular people group based on ancestry and color of skin – white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. – and that is true, but only part of the truth. . . . (Regarding) Abortions by Race in the United States, estimated abortion percentages in 2017 are:  white, 12%; black, 34%; Hispanic, 17%; other, 20%; overall, 18%. . . . 

READ MORE:  letter or A4

FACTSHEET #3:  letter or A4

2019-05-31.  How does God view and respond to abortion?  And a call to repentance for the United States to preserve the nation.  

READ MORE (letter; A4).  

2019-03-26.  Ecuador & Evidences Countering International Abortion Agenda - by Isabel Maria Salazar.  

To end our series dedicated to the Sanctity of Life and the fight against abortion in Ecuador, I would like to leave you some final data and conclusions that I hope will confirm us in the desire to support this noble cause in the nations.  

READ in English (letter; A4).  

Read in Spanish (letter; A4).  

2019-02-26.  Nations & Later Abortion Limits or No Limits.  

The focus today is on national policy limits for abortion, based on the gestational age of the baby, focusing on second and third trimester abortions, or policies with no limits on abortion. In addition, the majority of nations, including most nations with second or third trimester limits, permit later abortions for specified reasons.     

READ MORE (letter; A4). 

2019-01-30.  The focus today is on the new New York “law” authorizing abortion with no limits, enacted by the state legislature and governor on 22 January 2019; followed by a doctor’s response, reflections on the consequences of innocent bloodshed, who is responsible, how did we decline to this present state, whether New York and the United States are accountable to God with some evidences of early stages of His judgment, and is there hope for the future?   READ MORE . . . 


2018-11-27.  Do you think God is concerned about abortion?  Even I did not realize—and I’m sure still don’t adequately comprehend—how deeply God is concerned about the innocent bloodshed of preborn children.  Three years ago I was in Uganda . . . READ MORE . . . 

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