Parts I and VIII of the Abortion Worldwide Report contain Biblical and Judeo-Christian foundations for the sanctity of human life, human rights, civil government, law, the accountability of individuals and nations to God, and the means of restoration through Jesus Christ.  The first brief on the sanctity of human life is posted on the "AWR" page of this website.  


  • 7 Truths about the Sanctity of Human Life (letter; A4).    

  • Man Created in the Image of God, Male and Female (letter; A4).

  • God Opens or Closes the Womb (letter; A4).

  • God Forms Each Child in the Womb (letter; A4).

  • The Sanctity of the Womb and Birth of Jesus (letter; A4). 

  • Children are a Gift and Blessing from The LORD (letter; A4).  

  • God Knows Each Child and His Destiny for Them (letter; A4).

  • The Birth of Jesus Foretold and Confirmed (letter; A4). 

  • Bible References on image of God, sanctity of life, innocent bloodshed, child sacrifice, repentance & forgiveness (letter; A4).

  • Does Human Life Have Intrinsic Value?  (letter; A4).  

  • What is the Only Basis for the Universal Standard of the Sanctity of Human Life?  (letter; A4).  

  • One Unchanging Basis for the Sanctity of Human Life: Your True Identity and Destiny, and Why Protect Human Life (letter; A4).

  • Church Doctrines Affirming the Sanctity of Human Life and Evil of Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • Connecting the Bible, Doctrine, Constitution & Law on Sanctity of Human Life (letter; A4).


  •  Is God Deeply Concerned About Abortion?  21 Reasons to Prohibit Abortion (letter; A4).    

  •  The Sanctity of Human Life, Conception and the Womb, versus Infanticide and Abortion [many Bible references] (letter; A4).

  • The Power of Blood:  Human Bloodshed Unleashes Power for Good or Evil (letter; A4).  

  •  What do Moses, Jesus Christ, and This Present Generation Have in Common?  (letter; A4).  

  • Church Doctrines Affirming the Sanctity of Human Life and Evil of Abortion (letter; A4).  


  • Profound Impact of Christian Faith / Restoring Biblical Foundations - NRL Convention workshop #1 (PowerPoint).

  • Vital Steps to Restore the Church that can Restore a Nation (letter; A4).   

  • Good versus Evil:  The Relentless War (letter; A4).  

  • Comparative Views: Humanism vs. Judeo-Christian (letter; A4).  

  • Church Doctrines Affirming the Sanctity of Human Life and Evil of Abortion (letter; A4).  


  • Government to Encourage Good, Punish Evil (letter; A4).  

  • Righteousness & Justice: Dual Inseparable Principles in the Character of God and Scripture (letter; A4).

  • Duty to Protect Human Life, Prohibit Abortion (letter; A4).  

  • Protecting Human Life Begins with Family and Ends with Civil Government on Human Level (letter; A4). 

  • Restraining Evil Begins with You and Ends with Civil Government on Human Level (letter; A4).  

  • Human Rights: Rightly Built upon Biblical Truth (letter; A4).

  • 7 Universal Principles for Discerning and Protecting Inherent Human Rights (letter; A4).

  • Biblical Standards for Choosing Officials (letter; A4).  

  • First Purpose of Civil Government (letter; A4).

  • Legitimacy of Civil Government and Protecting Human Life Inseparable (letter; A4).

  • 7 Universal Principles of Civil Government (letter; A4).  

  • 5 Universal Principles of Law and Rule of Law (letter; A4).

  • When Civil Authorities are Ministers of God and When Laws are Lawful (letter; A4).  


  • Imperfect & Multi-Ethnic Genealogy of the Perfect Jesus Christ (letter; A4
  • Prophesies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ (1) - preparing for Christmas (letter; A4).  
  • Prophesies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ (2) - preparing for Christmas (letter; A4).  
  • Prophesies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ (3) - preparing for Christmas (letter; A4).  
  • Remembering the First Thanksgiving [USA, 1621 A.D.] (letter; A4).  

GOD & NATIONS SERIES (studies of what the Bible reveals)

  • Nations Blessed by God:  Prescription for Good, Free, Secure Societies (letter; A4).  

  • 27 Steps of National Decline (letter; A4).  

  • Causes and Evidences of God's Judgment on Nations (letter; A4).  

  • Shedding Innocent Blood Brings Irrevocable Judgment of God (letter; A4).  

  • God's Protection, The Remnant, Restoring Right Relationship with God, & the Possibility of Restoration for Nations (letter; A4).  


#1:  The Image and Nature of GOD (Bible study of 60 aspects in 4 parts)

#2:  The Image of GOD in Man (Bible study of 54 aspects in 4 parts) 

#3:  What is the Basis for the Sanctity of Human Life? (based on the 1st brief in the Abortion Worldwide Report

#5:  What is the Basis for Human Rights and the Right to Life? (based on 3rd brief in AWR

#6:  Legitimacy of Civil Government is Inseparable from Duty to Protect Human Life (based on 4th brief in AWR

#7:  The Nature of Law and Its Purpose in Protecting Human Life (based on 5th brief in AWR)

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"The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts." 


"By conveying the Bible to people . . . we certainly do them a most interesting act of kindness. We thereby enable them to learn that man was originally created and placed in a state of happiness, but, becoming disobedient, was subjected to the degradation and evils which he and his posterity have since experienced. The Bible will also inform them that our gracious Creator has provided for us a Redeemer in whom all the nations of the earth should be blessed – that this Redeemer has made atonement “for the sins of the whole world,” and thereby reconciling the Divine justice with the Divine mercy, has opened a way for our redemption and salvation; and that these inestimable benefits are of the free gift and grace of God, not of our deserving, nor in our power to deserve. The Bible will also [encourage] them with many explicit and consoling assurances of the Divine mercy to our fallen race, and with repeated invitations to accept the offers of pardon and reconciliation. . . . They, therefore, who enlist in His service, have the highest encouragement to fulfill the duties assigned to their respective stations; for most certain it is, that those of His followers who [participate in] His conquests will also participate in the transcendent glories and blessings of His Triumph."


 John Jay, Esq., First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1789-1795)

U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs (1795-1801)

President, American Bible Society (1821-1827)

(quotes documented from