The New Horizons Foundation, Inc., is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit public charity, formed in 1989, and led by an attorney and 12-member board of directors.  They and the professional staff oversee more than 300 active projects in 45 nations, ensuring integrity, wise stewardship, and compliance with all laws. 


Approved projects include the Global Life Campaign, Save the Storks, Operation Restored Warrior, Generations of Light, Seattle Against Slavery, Good News Ministries, Mercy Vision South Africa, various Crown Financial ministries, Global Organization for Development, Transform Honduras, and many other missions, ministries, helps, and service organizations.  


Financial contributions to these projects must be given directly to the New Horizons Foundation, Inc., designating the particular approved project as the recipient (e.g., check made out to "New Horizons Foundation, Inc.," with "Global Life Campaign" written in the memo section).  Donations are then deposited directly into that project account, less a five percent administation fee. 


The NHF receives and carefully manages financial donations, but does not raise funds for the projects.  During the past 25 years, the NHF has effectively managed over USD $90 million in donations. 


To donate to the Global Life Campaign:  


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     (To find the GLC, go to "Operating Projects," click "G", and scroll down to Global Life Campaign.)