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Abortion Worldwide Report

Abortion Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies.  The History, Policies and Sacred Accounting, and the Means to Restore Protection of Human Life.  For information, or policy or abortion data working papers, see AWR page on this website.  The AWR book is available through GLC Publications.  

Bible Truth on Innocent Bloodshed, Child Sacrifice and Abortion

I Have a Dream (letter; A4

Nations & Laws Protecting Life by Prohibiting Abortion 

  • First Laws Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4

  • 70 Nations Prohibit Abortion between 1803 and 1918 (letter; A4

  • World Map 1919 of Nations Prohibiting Abortion (letter; A4

  • 86 Nations Prohibit Abortion between 1920 and 2015 (letter; A4

  • see "Nations Protecting Preborn Human Life, 1800s - Present," in AWR, part II. 

  • see "National Policies Table" for 196 nations in AWR, part III. 

Nations & Policies Authorizing Abortion 

  • Nations Authorizing Abortion between 1920 and 2016 (letter; A4

  • First Policies Authorizing Abortion (letter; A4

  • see Working Papers below.  

  • see "Nations Authorizing Abortion," in AWR, part II. 

  • see "National Policies Table" for 196 nations in AWR, part III. 

Nations Vulnerable 

  • Nations Vulnerable to Authorize Abortion (letter; A4

Human Sexuality, Contraception, Abortion and Consequences   

  • Many Contraceptives May Cause Early Unknown Abortions (letter; A4).  

  • Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer (letter; A4).  

  • The Sexual Mess We Are In and How We Got There - Janet E. Smith, PhD (letter; A4).  

Abortions in Nations and Worldwide 

  • see Abortion Worldwide Report (above), particularly "Sacred Accounting tables of abortions (part V); global summaries, maps, graphs, and ranking lists (part VI); Major Findings (part VII); and National Abortion Graphs (addendum I), in AWR.   

  • Total Abortions for 100 Nations & Territories, and Top 20 Abortion Nations (letter; A4)  

  • Total Abortions for 100 Nations & Territories Compared to Populations, Tragedy or Wars (letter; A4)  

  • National Abortion Graphs [for 17 nations in Europe, Americas & Caribbean, and Oceania] (letter; A4

  • U.S. Abortions Compared to War Deaths (letter; A4) ​

  • New abortion research:  updates, mother's age, ethnicity, late-term - 2019 NRL Convention workshop #2 (PowerPoint)  

Accountability of Individuals and Nations   

  • see "Word of Truth and Hope to People and Nations," in AWR, part VIII.  

  • How Does God View and Respond to Abortion?  And a call to repentance for the United States to preserve the nation (letter; A4).  

  • Shedding Innocent Blood Brings Irrevocable Judgment of God (letter; A4).


Factsheet #1:  Late-Term Abortions in the United States (letter; A4).  

Factsheet #2:  International Data on Late-Term Abortions (letter; A4). 

Factsheet #3:  Abortions by Race in the United States (letter; A4). 

Factsheet #4:  United States Abortions by Mother's Age (letter; A4).  

United Nations Pressures Upon Nations to Authorize Abortion 

  • 83 Nations Pressured by CEDAW Committee to Authorize or Increase Access to Abortion, 1995 - 2010 [LIST] (letter; A4

  • CEDAW Committee Rulings Pressuring 83 Party Nations to Authorize Abortion, 1995 - 2010 (letter; A4

Working Papers pertaining to Abortion Data of Nations and Worldwide 

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