The Fire At The Founding reveals the profound influence of Christian clergy - in their own words - and the Judeo-Christian faith of the American people during the founding era of the United States, which is once again our only hope for restoration.  Clergy and Christians will be encouraged and equipped, by living examples of those who've gone before us, to stand strong once again for truth, righteousness, morality, and justice; and help restore the good foundations of the nation to give us hope for the future.  

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Biden Revokes Mexico City Policy; GLC Changes (letter; A4)

Hatred for Trump, Biden Dualism Reveal USA (letter; A4)

True Story:  James Robison (letter; A4)

5 Spheres of Authority & Responsibility (letter; A4)

Biblical & Unbiblical Church Positions on Abortion

     Summary (letter; A4); Short with excerpts (letter; A4); full (letter; A4).  

Can a Church or Christian Support Abortion? (letter; A4)

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Multi-National Day of Repentance for Abortion

Held on 18 November 2020the 100th Anniversary of First Nation Authorizing Abortion, but you can still hold such a day in your nation any time you desire.  Resources: 

  • The Report on 5-continent event, GLC hosted (letter; A4).  

  • The Call - Day of Repentance for Abortion  (letter; A4).  

  • Color 3-panel flyer - contact us for original to translate, or permission to revise.    

  • Prayer guide (letter; A4).  

  • "Father GOD" (suggested prayer) (letter; A4).  

  • 1919 & 2019 maps showing national policies (letter; A4); 

  • 1919 & 2019 Mapa de politicas nacionales (letter; A4); 

  • World graph of cumulative abortions, 1921-2019, and Total war deaths compared to abortions (graphs) (letter; A4).  

  • 110 Nations list of cumulative abortions (table in alphabetical order) (letter; A4).  

  • Russia abortion graph (letter; A4).  

  • United States abortion graph (letter; A4). 

  • William Wilberforce & Abraham Lincoln quotes (letter; A4).

  • See also Biblical Foundations, Sanctity of Life, Abortion, LAWS and AWR pages on this website.  

BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS of the sanctity of human life, marriage, family, human rights, civil government, law, and nations; what the Bible says about innocent bloodshed, child sacrifice and abortion; and study guides and series listed below:  

  • Study Guides on the "Image of God," and "Image of GOD in Man."

  • Study Guides for part I of the Abortion Worldwide Report.

  • God & Nations Series:  5-part study of what the Bible reveals about nations, God's purpose for nations, and how He related to each one.   

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE:  the basis for the sanctity of human life & the womb; human responsibility; human rights; civil government and law duty to protect human life; nations and laws protecting human life; and policy briefs on United Nations.    

Video created by Gabriel T. Jacobson (www.StoryTellerCC.com).  

ABORTION:  Truth about innocent bloodshed and abortion; nations & laws prohibiting or authorizing abortion; abortions in nations; accountability; UN pressure upon nations; working papers on nations.  


  • Biblical Foundations page:  God & Nations Series (study guides of what God reveals in Bible about nations).  

  • Sanctity of Life page:  nations and laws protecting human life.  

  • Abortion page:  nations prohibiting or authorizing abortion.  

  • Nations page:  nations worldwide; focus on specific nations in Africa, Americas & Caribbean, Asia, Europe, & Oceania; God & Nations Series. 

  • Laws page:  enacted laws and policies for 181 nations protecting preborn children or authorizing abortion.   

  • AWR page:  the AWR book has a summary table of the policies for 196 nations, and abortion data for 100 nations. 

  • USA page:  United States.  

  • Public Policy page:  civil government and public policy of nations, and truths and principles for good policies.  

  • United Nations page: nations and UN policy briefs archive. 

LAWS:  summary and chronological lists of nations prohibiting or authorizing abortion, and world map; and enacted laws and policies of 181 nations protecting preborn children or authorizing their destruction by abortion:  Africa, Americas & Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.  

  • Biblical Foundations page: foundations of good & lawful laws. 

  • Sanctity of Life page:  nations and laws protecting human life.  

  • Abortion page:  nations and laws prohibiting or authorizing abortion.

  • AWR page:  the AWR book has text of the first or early laws prohibiting or authorizing abortion, and a table of the policies for 196 nations. 

  • USA page:  chronology of state laws prohibiting and subsequently authorizing abortion in the United States.

USA Flag

UNITED STATES:  USA page: state abortion prohibitions & authorizations, 1821 - 1973; annual and cumulative abortions (graph); Working Papers on abortions and related issues; consideration of treaties process; United States and United Nations issues. 


  • Self-evident truths and universal principles; 

  • Human rights and right to life; 

  • Human sexuality; 

  • Marriage and family; 

  • Civil government purpose is to protect human life; 

  • Civil government:  broader purposes and standards.  

TS3-Jose A Kast Rist-Isabel Maria-TJacob
TS3-Thomas Jacobson speaking-20190405-1.

Thomas Jacobson (Global Life Campaign, USA), speaking at Transatlantic Summit III in Bogota, Colombia, April 2019.  

Jose Kast Rist (Chile), Isabel Maria Salazar (Ecuador), Thomas Jacobson (USA), at Transatlantic Summit III in Bogota, Colombia, April 2019.  

Thomas Jacobson-speaking Ecuador Natl As

Thomas Jacobson (Global Life Campaign, USA), speaking at Ecuador National Assembly, 23 July 2019.  

UNITED NATIONS:  United Nations page:  

  • Abortion; 

  • CEDAW Committee; 

  • Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC); 

  • Domestic Policy (within jurisdiction of individual nations); 

  • Family, Marriage and Children; 

  • Human Cloning; 

  • Human Life; 

  • Human Rights:  Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); 

  • Human Rights Committee; 

  • Human Rights Council; 

  • Human Rights:  former Commission on Human Rights;

  • International Criminal Court (ICC); 

  • Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST);

  • National Sovereignty; 

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity vs. Religious Liberty, Marriage, Family, and True Human Rights; 

  • UN Budgets, Funding and Expenditures;

  • UN Peacekeeping;

  • UN Treat Bodies:  Reform Recommendations, Abuses, and Arbitrary Pressure on Nations;

  • World Summit 2005.   


A.  True Stories

B.  Sanctity of Human Life 

C.  Country Reports 

D.  Truth About Abortion 

E.  Special Issues / Briefs / Reports

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A True Stories

James Robison


2020-12-02:  James & 

Betty Robison, Founder,

LIFE Outreach Int'l 

This month’s GLC Series True Story is about James Robison, who was conceived in rape, almost aborted, raised in part by Godly foster parents, then in poverty with his mother, and yet became one of the most compassionate, gracious, courageous, life-affirming Christian leaders and evangelists of our time. . . . Here is his story in his own words . . . 

     "It’s a miracle I was ever born.  In fact, if the laws we have today were in effect back then, I’m 99.99 percent certain I would have been aborted.  

     "My mother worked as a practical nurse, giving hospice care to homebound individuals.  She had been married at a young age, but by the time she was forty, she was long divorced and working in the home of an elderly man in Houston.  That man had an alcoholic son, about ten years younger than my mother, who one day forced himself on her and raped her. ...  READ (letter, A4).  

James and Betty Robison 8298.jpg

B.  Sanctity of Human Life    

2020-03-11.  12 Reasons Why Abortion Decisive in Elections (letter; A4).  

2020-04-08.  Why was Jesus Crucified: Love or Justice? (letter; A4). 

2020-06-10.  Black Babies Matter Too!  (letter; A4) 

2020-07-08.  Louisiana Constitution & Law v. U.S. Supreme Court (Part 1).  Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision that egregiously exceeded its lawful authority in the case of June Medical Services LLC v. Russo, Interim Secretary, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.  The State of Louisiana acted lawfully to protect pregnant mothers from harm or death due to a botched or unauthorized abortion.  READ MORE (letter; A4).  

2020-07-15.  Part 2.  The second part identifies the presuppositions of Justice Breyer and his cohorts, contrasted by the Constitution-respecting dissenting opinion of Justice Thomas.  READ (letter; A4).   

2020-07-22.  Part 3.  The third part reviews Chief Justice Robert's concurring opinion, siding with the 4 pro-abortion justices, making theirs the majority opinion.  

READ (letter; A4)  

2020-07-29.  Part 4.  The fourth part reviews Justice Alito's dissenting opinion, revealing he is conservative but supports abortion.  READ (letter; A4)  

2020-08-05.  Part 5.  The fifth part reviews Justice Gorsuch dissenting opinion.  READ (letter; A4)  

2020-09:  Biblical & Unbiblical Church Positions on Abortion.  Summary (letter; A4); 

Short with excerpts (letter; A4);

Full (letter; A4).

Can a Church or Christian Support Abortion? (letter; A4)

C.  Country Report:  


2020-06-17.  Do We Need Government & Police?

Part 1 (letter; A4); Part 2 (letter; A4)  

2020-08-12. U.S. Supreme Court Justices' Position on Abortion.  The GLC Series this week focuses on the Supreme Court of the United States and the position of the nine justices on abortion, along with Part 6 of the review of the recent case, June Medical Services LLC v. Russo . . . . READ MORE (letter; A4). 

2020-08-19. Kamala Harris, Candidate for VP of USA.  

The GLC Series this week focuses on U.S. Senator Kamala Devi Harris, whom Joe Biden chose as his vice-presidential running candidate for the Democratic Party . . . .  READ MORE (letter; A4). 

2020-09-23.  Ginsburg's Accountability & U.S. Declaration Principles for Choosing U.S. Supreme Court Justices.  READ (letter; A4)

2020-09-30.  Hope for USA (& World) Returns as Americans Cry Out to God Almighty (letter; A4)


2020-10. Amy Coney Barrett:  Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court:  Nominated:  (letter; A4); confirmed by Judiciary Committee (letter; A4); confirmed by full Senate and sworn in (letter; A4).  

2020-11-04.  U.S. Election Results 2020 & What They Reveal About Americans (letter; A4).  

2021-01-13.  What Happened at U.S. Capitol & Why Impeach? (letter; A4)

2021-01-20.  Will America Remain Free?  (letter; A4)  


2021-01-27.  Hatred for Trump, Biden Dualism  

(letter; A4)  


2021-02-03.  Biden Revokes Mexico City Policy; GLC Strategic Changes; It's Time to Rebuild  (letter; A4)


Selected information on the GLC website or in AWR:   


WORLDWIDE:  Human Life, Abortion, Policies, Data, Analysis

  • "Abortion Worldwide Report: 1 Century, 100 Nations, 1 Billion Babies"
    (see Abortion Worldwide Report [AWR] page, or go to www.GLCPublications.com). 

  • Abortion data for 100 nations and territories (see Part V on AWR page).  

  • Published global abortion estimates compared to AWR actual reported abortion figures (see AWR Working Paper #15 on Nations or AWR pages).  

  • National policies protecting life or authorizing abortion (Laws page).

  • 70 Nations Prohibited Abortion: 1803-1918 (Laws page).

  • 1803-1919 World Policy Map (Laws page). 

  • First Laws Prohibiting Abortion (Laws page).

  • First Policies Authorizing Abortion (Laws page).

  • Nations Authorizing Abortion, 1920-2016 (Laws page).

  • 2016 World Policy Map (based on enacted laws): 196 Nations (Laws page).

  • Abortions Reported Worldwide, 1921-2015 graph, & Top 20 Abortion Nations (Laws page).




  • 47 nations' policies (in AWR). 

  • Abortion data for 22 nations or territories (in AWR).  

  • 45 nations' written laws protecting life or authorizing abortion (see Asia page).  

  • AWR working papers:  India #7; Republic of China (Taiwan) #14; Republic of Korea #8 (see Abortion, Nations, or AWR page).


  • 46 nations' policies (in AWR). 

  • Abortion data for 48 nations and territories (in AWR).  

  • 45 nations' written laws protecting life or authorizing abortion (see Europe page). 

  • AWR working papers:  Austria #5, 19; Ireland #11, 18, 23; U.S.S.R. #10; United Kingdom #11; Yugoslavia and Successor States #12 (see Abortion, Nations, or AWR page).

  • Ireland (Abortion, Nations, and AWR pages).  


  • 14 nations' policies (in AWR). 

  • Abortion data for 4 nations or territories (in AWR).

  • 13 nations' written laws protecting life or authorizing abortion (see Oceania page).

  •  AWR working papers:  Australia #4 (see Abortion, Nations, or AWR pages).  

D.  Truth About Abortion

2020-03-25.  2020 is 100th Year Since First Abortion Decree. This year, 2020, is the 100th year since the first civil government decree authorizing abortion.  After the Marxists took over Russia, the new atheist Communist government enacted the first policy authorizing abortion on 18 November 1920 – supposedly to protect women, but more likely to keep more women in the workforce.  By contrast, for the past 15 years there has been a movement in Russia to encourage childbearing, likely because of the demographic crisis, and in more recent years to restrict or end abortion and protect marriage.

     Here we stand, 100 years later, and the blood of more than 1 billion innocent babies has been shed in 137 nations that presently permit abortion on demand or for limited reasons.  Abortion has become the Greatest Genocide in history, the number 1 cause of death worldwide, and more and more people are rightfully calling for an end to the slaughter of the innocents. . . . 

ENGLISH (letter; A4).  SPANISH (carta; A4).  

1919 & 2019 National Abortion Policy Maps

ENGLISH (letter; A4).  SPANISH (carta; A4).

Este 2020 son 100 años del primer decreto de Aborto 

(carta; A4).  

1919 & 2019 Mapa de políticas nacionales (carta; A4).   

2020-04-22:  IF Repentance, THEN Revival, Restoration & Transformation.  READ (letter; A4). 

Call to Join in Confessing Sins of USA  (letter; A4). 

2020-08-26:  Biblical & Unbiblical Church Statements on Abortion.  Summary (letter; A4); Short with excerpts (letter; A4); Full (letter; A4).  

Can a Church or Christian Support Abortion? (letter; A4)

Day of Repentance for Abortion -

18 November 2020 (letter; A4);  Report (letter; A4)

E.  Special Issues / Briefs / Reports 

2020-03-18.  Coronavirus & Plagues: God's Redemptive Purposes (letter; A4). 

2020-03-30.  How Should We Respond to God During a National Crisis?

Part 1  (letter; A4).  

Part 2  (letter; A4).

Davy Crockett & the Constitution (letter; A4).  

2020-04-15.  A Time of Contemplation, including that Jesus Christ Came For All Nations  (letter; A4). 

2020-04-29.  Plagues:  What the Bible Reveals:

Part 1  (letter; A4).

Part 2  (letter; A4).

Part 3:  What makes us vulnerable?  (letter; A4)

Part 4:  Who or what can protect us?  (letter; A4)

2020-06-03.  Lawlessness Unleashed (letter; A4)  

STATISTICS (on abortion):  

  • AWR page:  Sacred Accounting Tables (Part V of AWR) of reported abortions in 100 nations & territories, 1921 - 2015. 

  • Statistics page:  World graph of total abortions for 100 nations and territories, 1921 - 2018; and Top 20 Cumulative Abortion Nations. 

  • Dr. Wm. Robert Johnston's website has reported abortion data for 112 countries and 26 territories:  www.JohnstonsArchive.net.  

  • Abortion page:  see "Abortions in Nations and Worldwide," and Working Papers on abortion data in specific nations.  

  • Nations page:  nation and worldwide abortion graphs; Guttmacher & WHO overestimates addressed; and Working Papers on nations.  


"Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things” (Ecclesiastes 11:5) 

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